The Importance of Estimating

Elaine here! Continuing our #theMKBLife in estimating, today I share why we prioritize the estimating phase of every budget. The fun of shopping and making selections has a price tag. Sometimes that price tag is worth the $, other times it is not. There are times when the smallest detail can make a huge difference in costs. We create a detailed budget so that you can clearly see and evaluate costs in every area.


We had a great Zoom meeting this week with architect Andre Gomez – Andre Design Company. We are creating a budget for a modern getaway home in Cashiers, NC. The community prefers each home have a Cedar shingled roof with stringent guidelines for alternatives. Due to the pitch of the roof, an extra $25k was needed for waterproofing. With a small change to the roof pitch that $25k could be removed from the budget – or moved to other budget areas. We are here to help identify areas where savings can be found and find solutions in the planning phase.

We did a blog post a while back about why we believe accurate estimating at the beginning of a build is so critical. Here are some highlights:

Minimizes Surprises – we want you to sleep well at night from start to finish. Our 40 years of experience and talented project managers have seen and done it all. We look at each home site and set of plans from every angle troubleshooting potential issues. With a well thought out approach surprises are eliminated.

Improves Productivity – Another benefit to having been in this business 40 years is establishing strong relationships with our sub-contractors and vendors. They know the level of quality we expect and we are confident in their ability to deliver on time and on budget.

Establishes Trust – We value our client relationships. We welcome you contacting our former client’s and invite you to tour their homes. Transparency starts with estimating and continues thru every billing cycle. We share every receipt for every purchase every month.

Provides Best Prices – We do extensive research and obtain multiple estimates from our sub-contractors. This helps us ensure that our clients are getting the best value at competitive prices.

You can read the entire post here.