Our process for building at Morgan-Keefe is based on creating a trusted relationship with our clients and providing them the best possible building experience. From the beginning, we provide white-glove service that includes consistent and frequent communication, established project review, and personalized progress updates. Our goal is to create a building experience that builds a relationship and an exquisite home.



To begin your journey with Morgan-Keefe Builders, we start by visiting the property site and giving you an initial land analysis based on our expert eye for layout. During this stage we can help you realize your lot’s view potential, house placement, and recommend site solutions. Once completed, the team will review and immerse themselves into the specific nuances of your project and vision, budget, and timeline.



As we prepare to launch your project, we will discuss how the Morgan-Keefe team will work together to help you reach your budget and timeline goals. We generate a Preliminary Budget based on your Preliminary Architectural Plans and Specifications. We review contract forms, financial accountability, insurances provided, and other administrative aspects. Once you have decided to move forward, we prepare a Letter of Intent, which allows our team, with your permission, to pursue certain pre-construction activities, including topographical surveys, permits, and others. In addition, we will discuss value added ideas and cost reduction opportunities. When the plans for your home are finalized, the Final Control Estimate is prepared, presented, approved, and incorporated into the Final Contract. Once completed, then we can agree on a firm start date and assign a project manager to your project!



Consistent and frequent communication are essential elements to creating a successful team and Morgan-Keefe Builders prides ourselves on communicating in a timely and respectful manner, your goals are our goals and we dedicate ourselves to building relationships that will surpass the creation of your dream home.

Every week you will receive a Progress Update Report, with Selection Timelines and photos documenting the progress or your new home. We also schedule visits throughout the building process and provide monthly detailed billings that summarize the line item budget and any change orders made to date. This ongoing communication enables us more opportunities to collaborate with you and better understand your vision.

Part of our process in the construction phase is to regular walk-throughs with you.



During this stage, vision becomes reality, Morgan-Keefe Builders will begin construction on your new home supervised by one of our expert project managers. The project manager assigned to your home will be brought in as early as possible during the process to familiarize themselves with your home plans and specifications, as well as budget and timeline goals. Your project manager will prepare subcontracts, create scheduling updates, and establish selection timelines. They will connect with our network of qualified subcontractors and suppliers to select those best suited for your home. They will complete daily field reports and hold weekly safety meetings, and any change orders will be presented to you, for approval before proceeding. Throughout the build, Malcolm Morgan will routinely visit your home site to ensure the building process is progressing smoothly and according to expectations.



As we near completion of your new home, your project manager will utilize a Close-out Checklist to ensure that no details have been overlooked. Finally, prepare a Home Warranty Manual including warranty information, appliance manuals, subcontractors and suppliers used on the project, and Home Care suggestions. Once we hand over the keys, our involvement does not end, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer services before, during and after we complete your home. Morgan-Keefe Builders offers Home Care solutions at custom intervals to maintain the integrity of your home as well as ensure the longevity of your investment.