Testimonials from some of our past clients are one of the best ways for us to provide insight, from the client’s perspective, on what it is like to build your home with Morgan-Keefe Builders. These testimonials speak to the importance we place, as a team, on creating lasting partnerships that surpass the move-in date. Building a home should be an enjoyable process and our team is here to make the process as seamless as possible.

We are thrilled we are with the final product in terms of both process and quality. [The team that worked on our renovation] are outstanding contractors and people. The work speaks for itself. As important is the credibility and the trust that these guys brought with them. We respect them professionally and like them personally.

My past experience is that contractor/homeowner conversations can easily be frustrating and cumbersome. Not so in this case. Discussions were open, thoughtful, inclusive, and always moved the project forward, even if the topics were difficult. That’s how we got to the right solutions when, inevitably, something didn’t go as planned. We always fully understood alternative paths.

You built a spectacular house in 2011 and with your team’s help we’ve done just enough to make it our home.

– DAN M. / Renovation Client

Great company! Your integrity, creativity and devotion to being the best has never changed in 40 years! Congrats and continued success with Max [Morgan] moving into the business. Building our dream home with you was a wonderful experience!


“I had a really good experience working with your crew. They had a great attention to detail and care for what they did that was constantly evident. Communication and cordiality was never lacking as well. Having several jobs under construction simultaneously, it became evident that y’all are head-and-shoulders above most when it comes to being in control of schedule and budget. This has been, in my experience, a very hard thing to do under normal circumstances, and it was particularly refreshing given the continued uncertainty that is out there now. All that is a testament to how you run Morgan-Keefe. Thanks for putting together a great product, and I look forward to working with you again.”



“From our very first meeting, we felt our house construction would be in good hands with Morgan-Keefe and we were!  Every employee worked tirelessly and with a Can-Do attitude; the result was an excellent experience and dream house we love!”


“Morgan-Keefe had always been in the mix as soon as we purchased a lot. People we knew and trusted had used them as their builder and all their comments were positive. We did our due diligence and interviewed other builders, yet always compared them against Morgan-Keefe. Morgan-Keefe brought a depth of experience, calm/problem solving demeanor, highly qualified contractors and a team approach to building our retirement home.”


“Eric and I are decisive, trusting, positive people.  So, once satisfied that we had selected the right team, we told them what we wanted and basically got out of their way.  This formula did not disappoint.  Morgan Keefe delivered a home that is perfectly suited to us, as individuals, and to the land on which it sits.  Along the way, we developed a genuine affection for our MKB team, and those relationships have become part of the spirit of this gorgeous home.  The end result is a well-conceived, smartly built, beautifully finished source of pride.  We are so grateful to MKB for making this home our happy place.”


“We have our dream home thanks to Malcolm & the entire Morgan-Keefe team. They made the whole process such an enjoyable journey. The attention to detail and quick response to all our needs (big or small) was always very much appreciated. Morgan-Keefe’s experience & expertise served us extremely well…we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”


“Also key to the success of our project was the role of Morgan-Keefe Builders (who) helped the owner build a successful team.”

— GODFREY RESIDENCE, Merit Award winner, South Carolina Homes and Gardens, Award Winning Home Designs 2004

“We wanted to thank you very much for the very nice gifts and especially the entire working arrangement we’ve had. It has been a true pleasure to work with people of your caliber, integrity and dedication. We would choose no others!!!! Thanks so much”


“The Morgan-Keefe team was quick to respond to our numerous changes and offered suggestions that made the final product even more satisfying.”


“Building our home with Morgan-Keefe was a delightful and satisfying experience.”


“As first-time home builders, we are so thankful that Morgan-Keefe Builders handled our project. Their commitment to quality and client satisfaction never wavered during the building process and resulted in a home we love. We still consider our site manager as family and know he and the others at Morgan-Keefe will be there, if and when we need them in the future.”


“The fine lines and superior workmanship evident in every element of the residence were immediately apparent.”

— FLEISCHAUER RESIDENCE, Lake Toxaway, Carolina Home and Garden, Summer 2006

“Selecting the builder was a cinch for the homeowners, too. ‘Malcolm Morgan had built for our friends who lived in Champion Hills, and we liked the quality of his work and the quality of his people,” said the husband. ‘’He had a gentleman on site the whole time it was being built, and he never hesitated to get on the phone with us, either.’”

— CHAMPION HILLS RESIDENCE, Carolina Architecture and Design, 14th Annual  Ed.

“Malcolm and team,

Having done construction on our home in NJ, we knew that picking the right builder for our new home on Lake Keowee was of the utmost importance. Our architect told us that he had just finished a house on the lake with Morgan-Keefe and what a wonderful job you and the team had done. Well, that was an understatement! From start to finish, the professionalism of your team from estimation to construction and now upkeep has been fantastic. Just as importantly, the communication from you, Brenda and Brian was constant so that we never felt out of the loop.

We then decided to build a deck and gazebo as well which is obviously a much smaller job. However, Morgan-Keefe did the same great job on the deck as with the house. We can’t thank all of the Morgan-Keefe team enough.”


“Thank you so very much for ALWAYS being available to help. You will never know what comfort your being so responsive to my requests was to me as a long distance homeowner. I love going to MK Facebook page and looking at the beautiful homes you are building all over western Carolina. I wish for health, happiness and continued good business for many years to come. I have enjoyed our relationship and please know that we had the very best builder we could have ever wished for our home.”


“I just finished reading the article in Carolina Home and Garden. I am awestruck and speechless. It actually brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the fabulous result that this tremendous team delivered for Rich and me. I’ve known this all along, but to read it in print just overwhelmed me. Thank you all so much for your fabulous work and for being such a great team!! You know that you can always use us as a reference – after all, who else can we say made our dream come true!”


“My husband and I interviewed builders after purchasing our lot at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove. The homes that felt the most well built and solid were all Morgan-Keefe Homes. We were told that they are top builders in Asheville which was obvious to us while touring their homes. Since we were living in Boston and building our home in NC, we knew we needed a builder that would not cut corners and that we had confidence in to build a quality home in our absence. Morgan-Keefe Builders did not disappoint! If you have a problem they will take care of it, no questions asked. Since they have been building for so many years they have a solid group of contractors who do superior work. We highly recommend this builder!”


“Ron had a couple of coworkers who shared their great experiences with Malcolm Morgan from Morgan-Keefe Builders. It only took one meeting for us to decide that he was the right guy for the project. As absentee owners, we had to place a lot of faith in our builder to deliver what we envisioned. They provided weekly updates with pictures and we spoke with the team on a regular basis. Having a devoted project manager on site every day also made a huge difference. Throughout the process we were very comfortable and never felt hindered by the distance. The builder’s meticulous attention to detail far surpassed our expectations and we have been very satisfied with the final product.”


“A fun and productive week for all of us……progress is outstanding and the sense of it coming together is strong….. I am almost getting sad to think the teamwork phase will be wrapping up soon…..I guess we will just transition into the enjoyment stage…..”


“It has been a great experience working with your company. We have also really enjoyed working with Martin and he has been a great asset in the process. We will happily recommend your company to everybody and anybody. Look forward to having you all over when it warms up.”


“We’ve known since day one that you guys are extremely honest and have a tremendous amount of integrity and just another indication of this was the refund check we received. It was totally unexpected and very appreciated. It was (and is) an absolute pleasure doing business with you. If we can ever help in any way, please let us know.”


“Morgan-Keefe performed beyond expectations, but even more importantly, they have been terrific even after the project was completed”


“Picture this: A holiday party in Western North Carolina with many people in attendance. The subject of builders comes up. Most people are grumbling, but two couples are raving about their builder. Who is the builder? Well, Morgan-Keefe Builders, of course! One of the houses is in Bright’s Creek, the other Lake Adger.”


“Excellent house, beautifully built.”


“The best decision we made was going with Neal-Prince, who recommended Carol Hamilton and Malcolm Morgan. All were dedicated to quality… No one took shortcuts and they communicated with each other exceptionally well…  Morgan-Keefe, the contractor, did a remarkable job … They delivered the highest quality… This was by far the best team we’ve ever had.”

— LAKE KEOWEE RESIDENCE, Carolina Architecture and Design, 11th Annual Ed.

“To keep the owners abreast of the progress of their Lake Keowee home, Morgan posted the schedule in an email regularly. ‘And he put pictures on the web often to let us see the project,’ said one of the owners. ‘The company is very computer savvy. We were able to follow the progress from our home in Florida when we were not able to be in South Carolina.'”

— LAKE KEOWEE RESIDENCE, Carolina Architecture and Design, 10th Annual Ed.

“Ann and I want to tell each of you how much we appreciate the incredible house you’ve built for our retirement. We bought these two lots back in 2006, not really knowing what our ultimate timeline would be. We started the process with MKB in the late fall 2010. It’s been quite a wonderful journey. We had never built a house before and to do it for the first time, long distance, seemed like a potential recipe for disaster. Working with the right partner was absolutely essential. We could not have worked with a better team than MKB. Your professionalism, expertise, patience and guidance were absolutely invaluable. The cost estimates were realistic, you kept us on track and allowed us to truly enjoy the process. Inevitable speed bumps along the way were handled quickly, professionally, and were never allowed to become issues or impediments to our mutual success. People absolutely cannot believe that we finished ahead of schedule and only 2.5% over the original cost estimate. That is truly remarkable.

“My wife and I completed building a house with Morgan Keefe last fall. It was a terrific experience! I cannot overstate the mind-set of the company, one that is directed to client satisfaction. Throughout the process and following completion, Morgan-Keefe has been there—quickly and effectively. The quality of what they build is unsurpassed.”


“I have nothing but praise for the experience we have had with Morgan-Keefe Builders. No previous builder has come close to delivering the care and quality that we encountered.”


“Morgan-Keefe Builders’ quality was outstanding and the project was completed on time and on budget—a real feat in the construction world. We have built seven homes all over the U.S., and this was the most trouble-free project of them all.”


“Our thanks to all on the Morgan-Keefe team. Each and every person was a pleasure to work with. You made building our new home a pleasure, and we will enjoy it for years/generations to come.”


“I can say this is the BEST building experience we have had…! By the way I have not had any really bad experiences! So in essence you have walked among the A students and have achieved an A+!”


“We came away from Morgan-Keefe thanking our lucky stars that we picked them as our builders. We really enjoyed working with them. Everyone is so good at what they do.”