MAX MORGAN, Director of Sales and Marketing

Max Morgan is our founder’s son. He joined Morgan-Keefe Builders in 2021 after completing his Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning at UNC Chapel Hill. Max is taking full advantage of learning and absorbing all the minute details that go into a Morgan-Keefe work of art.

Max grew up around the business and has seen it grow throughout his life. From going to jobsites at a young age, to hanging out in Malcolm’s office during meetings, Max has been exposed to the business for a long time. He is excited about following in Malcolm’s footsteps and one day taking over the family business.

Throughout college, Max interned with construction companies. One of them was with Todd Jenks Construction, a long-time partner of MKB. His time spent with the company was crucial in helping him to understand how the land influences constructing the foundation of an MKB work of art. Another internship he took part in was with JBG Smith out of Bethesda, MD. He learned about the complexities of commercial real estate development throughout the Washington metropolitan area. This experience helped Max understand larger-scale development and sparked his interest in one day expanding the scope of Morgan-Keefe Builders.

When he’s not in the office or on the jobsite, Max enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his friends. Additionally, he loves mountain biking and snowboarding whenever possible.